The 4Box is the working model of our skirted beds. It has a 2″ fender skirt and a wide deck giving you a more finished look without losing deck capacity.
Shown with optional Aluminum Doors and Aluminum Crossbody.

Standard Features

Steel 4-Box Utility - Insert Toolboxes

Insert Toolboxes

Our 4-Box Utilities come standard with 4 underbody insert toolboxes. This offers a great storage area for whatever project you need it for.


Steel 4-Box Utility - Deep skirting with Reciever Hitch

Deep skirting with Receiver Hitch

The deep skirting of our 4-Box Utilities offer truck frame coverage to give your truck a show truck look.


Steel - Gooseneck

Gooseneck Hitch

We build every bed with a 30,000# rated Gooseneck Hitch.

Formed Headache Rack

Formed Headache Rack

Our formed Headache Rack is a signature look of our beds. This feature comes standard with stop and reverse lights as well as side markers. You will for sure be seen with these added lights.